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Custom Microsoft Access DATABASE DESIGN and development

Microsoft Access database development and programming is DC AppWerx's core business, profession and passion. For eight years we have been providing Access database solutions for businesses and organizations. We specialize in building database applications using Microsoft Access versions 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007.

As a trainer, I always enjoyed seeing students realize how they could use skills learned in class to increase productivity at work. As a developer and consultant, that is still the best part of my job. The 'Wow' factor that happens during development -- it never gets old.
-- Diana Criscione

We have developed applications which track clients, inventory, purchasing/receiving, payroll, scheduling, and employee education and training. Our proven approach to database development ensures you will receive a product that becomes a vital part of your business process. View our portfolio

Why choose us?

1. We try to understand your business process as much as possible in order to give you solutions that ADD to your existing process rather than hinder productivity. Our applications should enhance your workflow rather than dictating it. We have experience not only in development, but in training as well. We use our knowledge of adult learning and apply that to user interface design, creating an application that is user-centered and user-friendly.

2. Today's technology makes it easy for us to develop for anyone, anywhere. Although we are in the Tulsa metro area, we can create a database for you no matter where you are. We communicate via email, telephone, internet, and online meetings so onsite work is not necessary, but optional. This helps keep your costs down.

3. We teach Access as well as develop in it. We have been teaching Access to employees from companies like yours since 1998. We still teach Access several days per month. Access is not only our profession but our passion.

do YOU need a database?

If you have a spreadsheet for each client, or spend hours each month cutting and pasting to compile information from multiple spreadsheets, or can't locate the information you need very quickly, then you probably would benefit from a database. Spreadsheets have their purpose, but maintaining large amounts of company data is not one of them.

Here's a good case study example ...  One client we assisted was using Excel to calculate quotes for potential and existing clients, and a separate file was maintained for each quote each year. Over time, the number of files grew exponentially. Files were organized by customer, but soon there were too many client folders with too many files. Maintenance of the electronic files was getting overwhelming, but more importantly, it was almost impossible to provide reporting across clients and years because the data was in different spreadsheets!

Our solution was to create an Access database that stores all of the quote data. Quotes can be created, printed, and reprinted, summary reports can be generated, and access to historical data is just a few clicks away.

what is our approach?

Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy -- the 4 D's.

1. First, we try to DEFINE your goals for the application. Quite often clients will begin by having a portion of their business process automated with a database, and then add other things later, so don't feel as if we have to DEFINE the project as so large as to break your budget. Often, developing one piece leads to other ideas too about how to streamline your current business process. The end result we're hoping to achieve is a better and easier way for you to do business.

2. The DESIGN of the database tables is critical to the success of the application. By knowing the end result you are trying to achieve, we can often reverse engineer what needs to be tracked in the application. We always say, "If it needs to come out, then it has to go in!" We look at what you are doing now to do what you do, and also look for other values like data that is always scribbled on the outer edges of paper forms because there isn't a box for them.

Based on your current business process, we begin to DESIGN workflows that will simulate what you do, but also enhance that workflow, eliminating redundancies and bottlenecks.

3. Once the table structure and workflow are completed, we DEVELOP your new database application.

4. Finally, we DEPLOY your application and make sure you know how to use it. As trainers, we know what we need to do to help you use this product you have invested time and money into so that you feel comfortable using it.

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