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DC AppWerx has helped many different industries and organizations with their database application and web design needs. Every project is unique and provides another challenge to develop the best solution -- whether it is to help a client manage a business process or create a website that visually represents the organization and gives it a competitve advantage.

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Database Development

warning: You may find that our databases don't look like anything else you've seen!


Service Trak

service trak
A joint venture with Goodwill of Tulsa and Goodwill of Dallas. This database tracks clients, program participation, attendance, and testing. Outcome reporting is a vital function of this software.


FLO Injection System

flo injection system
This database tracks parts, purchasing, and formulas for a division of Baker Petrolite in Sand Springs.

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Parts master
This database tracks parts and part construction for a well head manufacturer. Inventory, bills of materials, and invoicing are the main functions of this database.


A tool for sales managers and account reps, this database helps a sales team capture the accounts that represent the top percentage of sales and focuses energies on clients with potential spending dollars.

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This database is for home health companies to track patients, scheduling and billing. Click here for contact info about this application.


supplier enablement tracking
This project tracking database was used by a project team at a Fortune 10 major oil & gas company to track and manage supplier enablement as they migrated to a new procurement system. Other databases created include one for outline agreements and one to manipulate OFS Portal data.

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